Adam Wang doubles as a seasoned graphic designer and an urban artist "Demster", who specializes in brand identity design, handcrafted typography and lettering. His journey as an urban artist has blessed him with opportunities and commissions to travel the world & continuously develop his skills and approach to his art, collectively allowing his experiences and learnings to influence his work by visually expressing the

techniques and sensibilities.

His works seek to navigate through the emotional, physical and spiritual, attempting to make sense of one's being in an already perturbed existence.

His most commonly used medium is spray paint and acrylic. Often, producing figurative works, encapsulating the subject in a way that brings familiarity to the viewer, at the same time combining elements of street art.


Adam is deeply rooted in the urban arts scene in Singapore, co-organizing art festivals, competitions and events, even hosting art tours and teaching workshops. 

Together with his multi-disciplinary collective RSCLS and graffiti crew TAC (Titan Aerosol Crew), the mission is to forge on to eradicate the stigma of “graffiti” as an art form. 

He has also been commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), to work on murals in heritage areas such as Kampong Gelam & Little India. Giving back to the community by hosting art tours and teaching graffiti workshops; introducing people of all ages to graffiti art and sharing insights as a practising artist.

Commercially, Adam has worked with brands like Facebook, PayPal, Jeep, The Cathay Organization, BrassLion Distillery, Brewerkz and more. 

Adam now runs DIVISION HQ, an independent art & design studio that houses the work and artistic journey of Adam Wang through his experiences collaborating with various clients, artists and

brands. As a creative with over 15 years of experience in graphic design and the urban arts community in Singapore, Adam is also co-founder of homegrown brands: 


  • Titan Aerosol Crew (TAC)
  • RSCLS (Multi-disciplinary Art Collective)




We will showcase his works in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 4-7 August 2022!
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