Edgar Plans: The Power of Letters







K11 Event
14 May - 14 Jun 2021
Edgar Plans: The Power of Letters


Madrid-born artist Edgar Plans introduces his free-spirited works to K11 MUSEA this summer as part of our Art Karnival — a celebration showcasing internationally acclaimed art.

The pop-up showcase will bring his childlike Animal Hero characters, as well as his signature colourful, expressive graffiti-inspired art into the spotlight. Plans' mini superheroes are often seen doing everyday tasks, bringing the whimsical notion that we, too, can all be superheroes.

Showcasing at the pop-up are his latest superhero characters celebrating the power of imagination: Juanín is named after his father, the award-winning author and journalist Juan José Plans; while Olivia is inspired by his daughter, who has the power to imagine and become whoever she wants to be––a hero, an artist… The sky’s the limit!

Rounding out the display are all-new wooden sculptures and works on canvas, as well as limited edition figurines.

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Photo Source : Toyol Toys

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