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Filipino  artist, Gemart Ortega.
Gemart is no stranger to strange yet charming works. Ortega gathers different pop culture icons of the generation while still being true to his trademark stoic expressions.
Ortega proves that referencing pop culture symbols is not enough, an artist has to put his own narrative and artistry in it. It is as if both the characters he painted and the viewers are lost in Ortega’s version of Neverland where no one gets old.


 Gemart Ortega
College – University Of The Philippines Diliman (Studio Arts)
Solo exhibition
2019 – 1st Solo Exhibition “Kill Joy” Space Encounters Gallery
2020 – 2nd Solo Exhibition “Laa Laa Land” Space Encounters Gallery 2020 – 3rd Solo Exhibition “Play Date” Qube Gallery (Cebu City)
Selected Group exhibition
2009 – My Little Art Place Gallery, “Reflection of Colours” 2010 – U.P College Of Fine Arts, “Heteronym”,
2013 – Cevio Art Haus, “Ka- Mukha” 2018 – Vetro Gallery, “P.O.V”
2019 - CXE, “Whispers On The Street”
2019 - Mashroom Gallery , “Framed Up”
2019 - CXE, “Finished Or Not Finishes”
2019 - Arte Pintura Gallery , “Tuhog”
2020 – White Walls Gallery, “ Pader Figure”
2020 – Mashroom Gallery, “ Singkuhan”
2020- Imprimatura Gallery “The Cure”
2020 – Makati Contemporary Art Gallery “Latax” 2020 – Imprimatura Gallery, “In My Head”
2020 – Kaida Gallery, “Under The Broad Umbrella” 2020 – Space Encounters Gallery “Conquerors”
2020 – Imprimatura Gallery, “Beyond” Year End Show

2021- Qube Gallery, “Art In The Park”
2021 – Space Encounters Gallery, “Art In The Park”
2021 – Space Encounters Gallery, “The Vincent Van Gogh Show”
2021 – Spave Encounters Gallery, “FREE- An Independents Day Group Show” 2021 – Nuzen Art Gallery, “Buhay Na Walang Hanggan”
2021 – Pinto Art Museum, “Pangkat”
2021 – Boston Art Gallery, “Pamagat”
2021 – Qube Gallery , “Carnival Quintet”
2022 - Eggyolstreetshop, “Kaiju Show 4”
2022 – Galerie Anna, “Hi- Lo”
2022 – Xavier Art Fest
*Modeka Gallery
*Qube Gallery 2022 – Art In The Park
*Space Encounters Gallery
*Modeka Art Gallery
2022 – Mashroom Gallery Online show, “Ghibli Show 2-Cats of Ghibli”



We will showcase his works in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 4-7 August 2022!
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