Feature Artist : Satar Kaldera

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Satar Kaldera , an artist whose work fuses the gothic, baroque, and grotesque, Satar Kaldera (b. 1995) draws inspiration from the immense depths of the Indonesian creative and cultural landscape. Foregrounding the character Chiro—an explicit allusion to the technique of Chiaroscuro—that combines the elements of a black cat and the iconic figure Dracula, 

從印尼獨特的人文地景取得靈感,Satar 的作品巧妙地融合歌德風格、巴洛克和怪誕風。筆下角色Chiro 大膽運用「明暗對照法」傳統繪畫技法,混合黑貓和吸血鬼兩者元素。

Satar’s art embodies themes of independence and unwavering determination. As part of the journey to overcome internal and external demons, Satar’s channeling of the grotesque into an ineffable sublimation testifies to his relentless exploration of diverse mediums. 

Satar 毫不懈怠探索不同媒介的運用,將本來難以言喻的「怪誕」轉化,帶到觀者眼前,呈現自己克服內心陰暗面的過程。作品遊走於二維和三維之間,不拘泥於「可愛」和「怪異」的分野,挑戰傳統界限,邀請觀者踏上一趟變革之旅。

Seamlessly transitioning between two- and three-dimensional formats and various realms of expression, Satar creates immersive and powerful experiences that challenge conventional boundaries. His art invites audiences to embark on a transformative journey where the endearing or the “cute” coalesces with the eerie and the grotesque. Satar's work has captivated audiences in solo exhibitions and group shows across Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, the UK, and the US.


Toyol will showcase Satar’s works at Art Taipei (20–23 October 2023)
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