Feature Artist : The Plumber King

Welcome our feature Artist : The Plumber King (@The.Plumber.King), also known by his birth name Yim Chiu Tong, is a well-known Hong Kong plumber-artist, whose unique hand-painted “Plumber King Advertisements" emblazoned on the streets of Hong Kong over many years have showcased his unique calligraphic style and secured recognition of his name in the hearts and minds of Hong Kongers the city over.
He has been regarded as an iconic Hong Kong street artist in the same vein as the “King of Kowloon”, Tsang Tsou Choi, and has spearheaded a unique representation of local Hong Kong culture.

Since the 1960s, Mr Yim (Plumber King) has consistently used his unique but traditional calligraphic script to create street advertisements in order to promote his business. Through the consistency and durability of his works over half a century, his art reflects the perseverance of the Hong Kong people in pursuit of their life and ideals.

In addition to street advertisements, he also showcases his classic font creations through the official Instagram account: (@The.Plumber.King). This IG account records Mr Yim’s calligraphy in various districts over the years, allowing more local and overseas friends to develop a deeper understanding of “Plumber King Culture”, with the hope of preserving the precious Hong Kong aesthetic.
Photo Credits: @The.Plumber.King
We will showcase his works in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 4-7 August 2022!
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