Featured Artist : Adin Wiedyardini

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Through her artwork, the Indonesian artist, Wahyu “Adin” Wiedyardini (b.1984), builds empathy in her relationships with people, nature, and other beings. Heavily inspired by children’s dolls, things that she deems to be the closest manifestation of human expression, Adin intertwines feminine child-like subjects with a range of compositional elements to draw viewers into a realm of emotive creativity and imagination.印尼藝術家Adin Wiedyardini 透過作品,與人類、自然和其他生物建立關係,表達對他們的關懷和同理。她認為兒童的玩偶是最接近人類情感表達的形式,於是她將女性化的童趣主題與一系列的構圖交織在一起,將觀者帶進創造與想像的邊界。

Locating her subjects in lush and naturalistic environs, Adin explores the intimate relationships between the human and nonhuman. Especially in the urban landscapes of frenetic cities, Adin’s art reveals endless possibilities for the human to coexist in balance and harmony with their natural surroundings. 

Adin 往往將她的繪畫對象置於鬱鬱蔥蔥的自然環境中,從而探索人類與非人類,兩個世界之間的關係。在某些畫作中,背景描繪出城市景觀,她希望藉此提出人類與自然共生依存的無限可能。Adin 將自己的成長和藝術風格歸功於她的居住地,日惹擁有豐厚文化和歷史遺產,豐富著她的創作。

Adin credits part of her artistic development and growth to her place of residence, Yogyakarta—a historic city rich in culture and heritage. She has participated in exhibitions and art fairs across Indonesia, and in cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and London. Upcoming events include a solo exhibition in Paris, a show in Seoul, and fairs in Jakarta and Taipei.


Toyol will showcase Adin’s works at Affordable Art Fair (16-19 May 2024)
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