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Welcoming Angling!

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the visual artist Angling (b. 1999) creates surrealistic paintings that engages with complex and paradoxical notions of the unconsciousness. Informed by theorists such as Carl Jung and inspired by the seemingly pure and innocent minds of children, 
Angling 生於1999年,現於印尼日惹創作。他筆下超現實的作品帶有錯綜複雜而矛盾的「無意識」概念。

Angling unsurprisingly centers child-like subjects in his paintings. More specifically, he identifies the constantly developing inner child of every adult as the emotional centre to how we navigate the many occurrences of life—moving through sadness, anger, confusion, happiness, and so on. 
受心理學家榮格的理論影響,Angling 把看似純潔無瑕的兒童形象為繪畫主題,置於畫作中心,因為Angling 認為每個成年人心底內住著一個不斷變化的內在小孩,「他」與我們一起度過人生諸多事件引發的情緒起伏——悲傷、憤怒、迷惘、快樂。

Awash in strong and luscious pink tones, Angling’s work espouses a post-modern punk and goth sensibility that constantly rejects the male gaze and instead reflects the artist’s inner child. Angling has previously exhibited in cities such as Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and throughout Indonesia.
Angling的作品充滿強烈而甜美的粉紅色調,同時富有後現代龐克和歌德的情感,抗拒「男性凝視」角度創作,反而選擇展露內心無比的童真。Angling 曾在洛杉磯、倫敦、紐約、巴黎、新加坡、雪梨和印尼各地舉辦展覽。

Toyol will showcase Angling’s works at Affordable Art Fair (16–19 May 2024)
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