Featured Artist : Inoue

Welcoming Inoue

Drawing illustrations since his childhood, Inoue has worked freelance as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2002. Initially pursuing art as a hobby for pure relaxation, Inoue has since pivoted towards a more active and serious application of his work since a group show with Gallery Jo Yana in France in 2020.
Inoue enjoys creating and working in a idiosyncratic style that combines miscellaneous images of back alleys in the city centre with an assortment of visually arresting subjects.
Upcoming exhibitions include both solo and group shows with YOD Editions, YOD Tokyo, and Y-Tacos in Tokyo, Japan.
Toyol will showcase Inoue's work at the
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong (18–21 May 2023)!
For a catalogue of his work, 
please send us an email at info@toyoltoys.com with your
full name and contact number, thank you.