Featured Artist: Kiminoe

In late 2020, the artist known as kiminoe began engaging in a series of activities to fulfill two creative desires—to “make the world a little (more in their) color” and to “add a little color to (the) days of (everybody’s lives)”.

Based in Japan, kiminoe creates simple, subtle, and strikingly beautiful art that has since entered the homes of collectors from all over the world.

Working with canvas paintings, digital creations, and even unique consumer goods, their work typically features bright color-blocking and bold lines applied with a proprietary range of materials. Minimalist in style and almost abstract in expression, kiminoe’s art effortlessly connects with a wide-ranging audience.

kiminoe has showcased their work across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US. Recent exhibitions include the solo exhibition, “CALM DAY”, in Tokyo, Japan; a group show with One Small Gallery in Massachusetts, US; and a multi-artist exhibition with Stupid Krap! in Queensland, Australia.

For a catalogue of Kiminoe’s work, please send us an email at info@toyoltoys.com with your full name and contact number, thank you.