Featured Artist: Muchlis “Muklay” Fachri

Meet Muklay!

The Jarkata-based artist Muklay employs a dynamic pop-art graphic style to express personal reflections and inner truths. He utilizes immediately identifiable cultural signifiers to convey deeply personal thoughts and feelings, simultaneously reflecting his artistic journey and interior world. 

Muklay’s creative output responds to the vitality of contemporary youth culture and the anxieties associated with navigating a fast-paced society. 
Muklay is also the recipient of several prominent national awards in Indonesia, including being named as one of Forbes Indonesia 30 under 30 (Arts and Culture) in 2020. 
Recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions in Myeongdong, South Korea in 2023; Quezon City, Philippines in 2022; and Ginza, Tokyo in 2020.
Toyol will showcase Muklay’s work at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong,
16-19 May 2024. 
For a catalogue of his works,
please send us an email at info@toyoltoys.com.
Thank you so much!