Featured Artist: Kenichi Sugimoto 杉本憲一

Welcoming Kenichi Sugimoto 杉本憲一 !

Born in 1978 in Hokkaido, Japan, and graduating from Musashino Art University, Kenichi Sugimoto 杉本憲一 is an artist who boasts experience in both children's book illustrations and graphic design. 

Endlessly fascinated by the expansive scope of a child's expressive behavior—whether innocent cuteness, inexhaustible energy, or even unbridled ferocity, Sugimoto channels this fascination into a world of lively color, subjectivity, and interlocking relations. 

For this conceptual turn, "INSEPARABLE INSTINCT," Sugimoto focused on how he perceived children acting according to their instincts. Attempting to understand what he observes as two sides of the inseparable nature of peace and destruction, Sugimoto fuses human subjects with animals as a catalyst for viewers to question commonly associated animal (and human!) traits such as aggression and playfulness. Drawing from his wealth of experience in design and illustration, Sugimoto materializes this concept in simultaneously surreal, winsome, and sensuous pop art that is always nature-driven—echoing the enchanting scenery of his hometown, Hokkaido.
When asked about "INSEPARABLE INSTINCT," the central concept for his most recent show, Sugimoto commented, “I express the instincts that lie dormant within people as if they were animals. I chose the concept of "INSEPARABLE INSTINCT" because when I came into contact with children, I was jealous of their energetic behaviour and was stimulated by an instinct that I had forgotten when I saw them playing and acting out of instinct.”
Recent exhibitions include:
Ishikawa Gallery Japan, 2022;
Biyou no Kigen Japan, 2022;
Art Moment, Jakarta, 2022;
Off The Record, Hong Kong 2022

For his upcoming showcase with Toyol Gallery for the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong (18–21 May 2023), Sugimoto will be debuting a completely new concept! Please stay tuned... 
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